In January 2017, the Executive Committee combined the Membership and Nominations Committees.  We appreciate all of those who have helped us along the way in our first year as co-chairsJ!


Membership renewal packets are again available for pick-up at the conference this year.  Directors, or their designee, please see either Jennifer Peters or Taylor Villasenor to pick up your packets. Do not forget that memberships expire on December 31st and in order to receive the $5.00 price break, they must be returned by January 1st.  Please take a moment to review your renewal form and mark any corrections as needed and/or fill in any missing information.  Membership forms can also be found on the VCCJA website (  This is also a good time to join one of the many VCCJA Committees.  On the renewal form there will be a listing of all the active committees.  Simply check the applicable box of the committee you are interested in and we will forward that information to the appropriate committee chair.


Membership cards will be mailed out in bulk after the New Year.  If you need your membership number for any reason prior to this mailing, you can contact either Jennifer Peters or Taylor Villasenor by phone or email and we will be happy to pass along that information. 





Members in Good Standing








The Membership/Nominations Committee accepts nominations for the Executive Committee offices, polls the ballots, and announces the successful candidates.  In 2017, the Membership/Nominations Committee worked with Alice Hornik, who manages the VCCJA website, and the election process was completed online.    


The Membership/Nominations Committee thanks everyone who participated in this process, especially those who accepted their nominations to serve on the Executive Committee. This year we only had two positions that were uncontested!


If anyone is interested in joining the Membership/Nominations Committee, please contact either Jennifer Peters ( or Taylor Villasenor (