VCCJA Probation Advancement Committee

Annual Business Meeting Report 2017



Lead Virginia in developing the premier local probation model.



Promote the innovation and implementation of effective research driven practices in local probation.


Summary of Accomplishments:


A.      Recommended DCJS change the score of for female probationers on the MOST screening tool.  Recommendation approved by EBP Joint Sustainability Meeting and by DCJS.  Implementation TBD.


B.      Submitted definitions for case closures and recommended some minor changes related to unsuccessful closures.  Recommendation approved by EBP Joint Sustainability Meeting, awaiting final decision by DCJS.


C.     Provided definitions for probationer contacts and/or communication about probationers.  Recommendation approved by EBP Joint Sustainability Meeting.  Awaiting final decision by DCJS.


D.     Supported DCJS completing the Organizational Survey, Client Survey and Recidivism report.


E.      PAC Charter completed and submitted to VCCJA President.


Current Active Projects:


A.      Reviewing/exploring database/case management software to develop best practices and innovation.


B.      Defining Minimum Critical Agency specifications.


C.     Review research and make recommendation as to remain with MOST screening tool or implement Proxy screening tool.


Long Term Projects:


A.      Determine OST scoring modification recommendations and supervision expectations.


B.      Adhere to performance measures and ongoing evaluations.


C.     Advancement in technology


D.     Continue to research new supervision strategies.


Committee Members:

Gary Hughes –Co-Chair             Chesterfield Community Corrections

Kim Chmura – Co-Chair             Old Dominion Community Corrections

Steve Austin                                         Prince William Community Corrections

JoAnn Carpenter                                    Chesterfield/Colonial Heights Community Corrections

Ross Carew                                          OAR/Jefferson Area Community Corrections

David Eber                                            Prince William Community Corrections

Paula Harpster                          DCJS

Amy Jacobson                          Colonial Community Corrections

Shelby Johnson                         Henrico Community Corrections

Jennifer MacArthur                                 Richmond Community Corrections

Cynthia Plummer                                   Lynchburg Community Corrections

Ken Rose                                              DCJS

Donna Shifflett                          DCJS

Joyce Skinner                           Hampton-Newport News Criminal Justice Agency

Gene Whitlock                           Fairfax County General District Court Services


Committee Schedule:

Committee meets monthly.  Meetings are either Webex or in person.  In person meetings are held at the Chesterfield Community Corrections office.  The Committee always welcomes new members.